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PG Red Frame Astray Extra

12 February 2009

As indicated by Ngee khiong, there is a nice "gift" for the PG Red Frame Astray.

Clear armor parts, beam rifle, shield and best of all, another Gerbera Straight. Red Frame wielding two katanas is just pure awesomeness. The question is, how do we get it? Is it limited? To tell truth, I really don't get my hope up just yet over the special gift. My early assumption would be this gift is limited to those in Japan and who buy the PG Astray online.

PG Astray Red Frame

9 February 2009

Can't wait for the PG Astray Red Frame to come out later in March or early April. As for the price when it becomes available in Malaysia, some say around RM700++. Quite expensive. Maybe it's because of the higher Yen value against MYR and the rising price of the gunplas themselves. PG strike here is around RM400-RM500.

image from amiami