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Tamashi Spec Model XS-01R - EVA-01 Test Type TV Ver.

27 June 2008

It's been a long time since I updated this blog. Busy with a lot of work and also, busy watching Euro 2008 for the whole month. lol. Enough said, the post today is the next Tamashii Spec Eva unit. A revise version of XS-01 Eva-01 Test Type. Coming end of this month or early next month. Few small changes to the head, the upper arms, hips, and feet.

For more info, visit www.tamashii.jp and www.xl-shop.com.

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tomohide said...

The quality and detail looks great. I'll be keen on having a closer look when it comes out :D
The price doesn't look too bad either so I may even buy this one. We shall see.